Modified items and RID


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61940 Fixed a bug where the mapping of the flux linkage in the RT-Viewer is not correctly calculated.
61946 Fixed a bug that caused an application error when applying the correction file.
62772 Fixed a bug where the output value is 10 times higher in the RT Viewer than the value of induced voltage in the JMAG-RT library manager.


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55901 Efficiency maps and speed curves for induction motors can now be rendered in JMAG-RT viewer.
56209 Correction tables can now be applied in JMAG-RT models. Result values in a FEM analysis described in a data file for a JMAG-RT model (*.rtt) can be corrected and previewed using a map.


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52727 Fixed a bug that did not render an N-T curve properly in maximum efficiency control.This problem occurs when a motor model has reluctance torque larger than magnet torque (regenerative mode) in an area where the current phase is -90 to 0 degrees.


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48988 Fixed a bug that could not correctly display lam when the efficiency map’s N-T-Iam (phase current amplitude map) was being displayed.
41617 The efficiency map display has been improved when importing an RTT file that includes only space harmonic type data.


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45671 A message is now displayed when the LdLq map cannot be rendered.
47085 Fixed a bug that reversed the default value in the temperature coefficient (Kc) of a temperature correction for a coil, and the temperature coefficient (Km) of a magnetic temperature correction.


RID Contents
43625 The contents in [Efficiency and Operation Range] can now be exported to a file when running JMAG-RT Viewer from the command line.