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101305 [Added Feature] Displaying iron loss corresponding to current phase has been supported for 3-Phase PM synchronous motors and 3-Phase Synchronous Reluctance Motors.
101412 [Added Feature] The JMAG-RT motor model supports the FEM-parameterized PMSM block provided by MathWorks.
63355 [Enhanced Feature] Fixed an issue that caused error messages of inappropriate content to be displayed when using RTT files created with unsupported phase orders.
84563 [Bug Fixed] Fixed an issue that caused output port component display to be incorrect when loading RTT files created with cylindrical coordinate systems specified with output port settings.
104680 [Known Bug] When using a single unit installer, you may not be able to use JMAG-RT Viewer due to the following error at startup.
“Cannot continue code execution due to MSVCP 140.dll not found.
 This issue may be resolved if the program is re-installed.”

[Condition of Occurrence]
The error may occur when Visual C++ redistributable package is not installed.
Check installation status by the following method:
・[Start] > [Settings] > [Apps]> Display [Apps and Functions]
・Check installation of redistributable package:whether any of the following are installed
  ・”Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable(x64)”
  ・”Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable(x64) ”

Install Visual C++ redistributable package.
Package URL link:
・Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package for Visual Studio 2017 (Microsoft Website)
* Install 64bit version.


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87213 Fixed an issue that caused graphs to be interrupted when outputting efficiency maps with JMAG-RT Viewer.
87088 JMAG-RT Viewer 64-bit is supported.


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79063 Fixed an issue that caused the units for the temperature correction coefficient of a magnet to be displayed incorrectly.


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80654 Fixed an issue that caused the N-T curve maximum torque to not change even if skew is taken into consideration.
74634 Fixed an issue that caused inductance value corrections to not be reflected in flux linkage map that applied a correction file.


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73877 Fixed an issue that may prevent the control method specified for each rotation speed from being reflected in the calculation of the torque speed curve.
74267 Fixed an issue where the result of generation side is not output when the control method is maximum efficiency when an efficiency map is displayed in motor + generator mode.


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71380 Fixed an issue where the display of distribution varied when changing the maximum value in the setting of color range for efficiency map.
72149 Fixed an issue that caused the CSV file output value of induced voltage to be invalid for the endpoint of the csv output range.


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54963 Fixed a bug where the [K2 Flux Linkage in Magnet] specified in the RT library manager is not reflected to the default value as the [Magnet Flux Factor] of the JMAG-RT Viewer.
59271 Fixed a bug where magnetic flux amount coefficient is not accounted for when using RTT files of spatial harmonic models.
68926 Fixed a bug where parameters of haxis_div and vaxis_div are not accounted for when running from the command line.
69588 Fixed a bug that prevented setting a color range for induced voltage map display.
69589 Fixed the title of the induced voltage map display.


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69991 Fixed a bug that caused an application error when creating an efficiency map after a value of 1.0 or larger is specified for Slip Interval (Sdiv) as a calculation resolution of an induction motor.
70266 Fixed a bug where the value and map display of the torque in the JMAG-RT model data file was inconsistent in the drawing of torque speed curves of the three-phase PM synchronous motors (PMSM) spatial harmonic model.


RID Contents
61940 Fixed a bug where the mapping of the flux linkage in the RT-Viewer is not correctly calculated.
61946 Fixed a bug that caused an application error when applying the correction file.
62772 Fixed a bug where the output value is 10 times higher in the RT Viewer than the value of induced voltage in the JMAG-RT library manager.


RID Contents
55901 Efficiency maps and speed curves for induction motors can now be rendered in JMAG-RT viewer.
56209 Correction tables can now be applied in JMAG-RT models. Result values in a FEM analysis described in a data file for a JMAG-RT model (*.rtt) can be corrected and previewed using a map.


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52727 Fixed a bug that did not render an N-T curve properly in maximum efficiency control.This problem occurs when a motor model has reluctance torque larger than magnet torque (regenerative mode) in an area where the current phase is -90 to 0 degrees.


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48988 Fixed a bug that could not correctly display lam when the efficiency map’s N-T-Iam (phase current amplitude map) was being displayed.
41617 The efficiency map display has been improved when importing an RTT file that includes only space harmonic type data.


RID Contents
45671 A message is now displayed when the LdLq map cannot be rendered.
47085 Fixed a bug that reversed the default value in the temperature coefficient (Kc) of a temperature correction for a coil, and the temperature coefficient (Km) of a magnetic temperature correction.


RID Contents
43625 The contents in [Efficiency and Operation Range] can now be exported to a file when running JMAG-RT Viewer from the command line.