[JFT055] Variable Magnet Analysis Using Subroutines

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The characteristic of the variable magnet is that it allows the demagnetization of magnetic force and for controlling increases in magnetization by an applied magnetic field (Fig. a). In JMAG, it is possible to use subroutines to analyze variable magnets.
This document describes the method for analyzing variable magnets using subroutines.

Fig. a Example of using a variable magnet (memory motor)By changing the current flowing in the coil, the variable magnet can be either completely magnetized or completely demagnetized.
When completely demagnetized, it is understood that the amount of magnetix flux flowing in the stator is reduced.

Fig. a Example of using a variable magnet (memory motor)


variable magnetic force motor, memory motor, residual magnetic flux density, subroutine, variable magnetic flux, variable magnetic force, variable magnet

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