Transient Magnetic (3D)

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  1. [JAC209] Magnetic Measurement Analysis Accounting for Eddy Currents

    This document introduces an analysis model is created based on the excitation current method, and the differences in magnetic properties obtained when the frequency is changed are…

  2. [JAC008] Analysis of an Axial Gap Motor

    In this example, how to use JMAG's 3D magnetic field analysis to carry out a load analysis of an axial gap motor, and then obtain the Torque-Speed curve and the Torque-Current cur…

  3. [JFT139] Coil Modeling for Axial Gap Type Rotating Machines Using Coil Template and Winding Editor

    This document explains how to create coil shapes and set conditions for an axial gap type motor.

    • [JAC228] Induction Motor Thermal Analysis

      In this example, evaluating induction motor temperature distribution.

    • [JFT127] Changing Settings for Parallel Computing When Executing Calculations

      This document describes the procedure for changing settings for parallel computing when executing calculations.

      • [JAC260] Creating Axial Gap-Type Motor Efficiency Maps

        In this example, the motor performance of axial gap-type motors with changes made to the flatness ratios.

      • [JAC277] Vibration Analysis of Axial Gap-Type Motors

        In this example, phenomena confirmed in axial gap-type motors that occur at maximum sound pressure level, from an electromagnetic excitation force and eigen mode perspective.

      • [JAC018] Thermal Analysis of a Motor

        In this example, how to evaluate a motor's temperature distribution by creating a thermal analysis model that can investigate the loss analysis and temperature distribution in ord…

      • [RTML-041] PMSTEP_01

        Type: PMSTEP | Stator(Outside Diameter): 60.0(mm) | Height: 24(mm) | Voltage/Current: DC24(V) | Rotor/Mover: PM

      • Motor Loss Calculation under PWM Switching

        Jihyun Kim, General Motors

      • 3D Magnetic Field Analysis of Large Power Transformer Using Transient Analysis


      • Electromagnetic Field Thermal Fluid Coupled Analysis for In-Vehicle Motors 2.0

        Kengo Toda, TODA RACING Co., Ltd.

      • Practical Power Circuit Design of Power Electronics Equipment and Analysis Evaluation of Power Inductors

        Tatsuya Hosotani, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

      • [JFT116] Creating Rotating Machine Coil Geometry Accounting for Arbitrary Winding Methods

        This document describes the method for creating a rotating machine coil using the coil template Edit Winding Table function.

        • [JAC272] Thrust Analysis of Linear Actuator with a Curved Section

          In this example, the thrust characteristics of a linear actuator with a curved section are obtained via analysis, and thrust at the transition from a linear motion to a curved mot…

        • [JAC271] Axial Gap Type Motor AC Copper Loss Analysis

          In this example, the AC copper loss of an axial gap type motor using square wire is evaluated.

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