Transient Magnetic (3D)

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  1. [JAC284] Analysis of Minute Electromagnetic Forces Acting on a Magnet

    In this example, we obtain the minute electromagnetic forces acting on a magnet that is moving translationally.

  2. [JFT033] Eccentricity Setting for Parallelly Moving the Motion Region Initial Location

    This document shows how to set the eccentricity to account for the moving part’s axis remaining parallel to the central axis while moving from the initial position and afterwards.

    • [JFT034] Eccentricity Setting for Parallelly Offsetting the Rotation Axis

      This document shows setting to move the rotation axis in parallel.

      • [JFT035] Eccentricity Setting for Inclining the Motion Region Axis

        This document shows setting to tilt the motion region axis.

        • [JFT021] Setting Magnet Material with Coercive Force Distribution and Residual Magnetic Flux Distribution Considering Temperature Dependence

          This document describes how to set a magnet material with coercive force and residual magnetic flux density taking into account temperature dependence.

        • [JFT036] Eccentricity Setting for Inclining the Rotation Axis

          This document shows setting to tilt the rotation axis.

          • [JAC219] Axial Gap Type Motor Cogging Torque Analysis

            In this example, presents a case study to obtain the cogging torque in an axial flux motor.

          • [JFT102] Setting 3D Model Coils Using the Winding Editor

            This document explains methods for setting the coils of a 3D model using the winding editor.

            • [JAC018] Thermal Analysis of a Motor

              In this example, how to evaluate a motor's temperature distribution by creating a thermal analysis model that can investigate the loss analysis and temperature distribution in ord…

            • [JFT079] Applying the Extended Slide Function to a Translation Motion Model

              In this document, how to apply the extended slide function to a translation motion model is presented.

              • [JAC235] Reactor Core Stray Loss Analysis

                In this example, reactor core stray loss is described.

              • Application of Electromagnetic Field and Structural Coupled Analysis to Transformer

                Hayato Naojima, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

              • EV IPM Motor Continuous Operation Loss Evaluation Based on Hysteresis Play Model

                Marin Vulic, Rimac Automobili d.o.o.

              • Next Generation EV Motor Design Using JMAG-Designer

                Bernd Cebulski, IAV GmbH

              • Development of Axial-Gap motor for AGV

                Tatsuya Higashi, Shizuoka University, Graduate School of Science and Technology

              • Relationship of Parallel Number of Analyzes to Analysis Time with Outer Rotor Type Fan Motor

                Tsukasa Asari, DAIKIN INDUSTRIES,LTD

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