[JFT104] Application of an Anomalous Eddy Current Loss Factor Dependent on Magnetic Flux Density and Frequency

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There is growing demand for higher efficiency in the design of electrical equipment. In order to evaluate efficiency during simulation, loss must be determined with high accuracy. Iron loss is divided into hysteresis loss and eddy current loss, and eddy current loss is further divided into classical eddy current loss and anomalous eddy current loss. Anomalous eddy current loss is obtained by multiplying classical eddy current loss by a correction factor. JMAG can estimate anomalous eddy current loss with higher accuracy by making the anomalous eddy current loss correction factor dependent on frequency and magnetic flux density.
In this document, an anomalous eddy current loss factor table is created in which an anomalous eddy current loss correction factor is dependent on frequency and magnetic flux density, and an iron loss calculation procedure using it is presented.


electromagnetic steel sheet, iron loss, iron loss characteristics data, hysteresis loss, eddy current loss, classical eddy current loss, anomalous eddy current loss, play model, lamination analysis

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