Transient Magnetic (2D/Axisymmetric)

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  1. [JFT064] Methods for Motor Vibration Analysis Accounting for Skew Effect with 2D Model

    This document explains methodology for motor vibration analysis accounting for 2D step skew.

    28 Dec 2018

  2. [JFT059] How to Account for Harmonic Current (JMAG-RT)

    This document explains how to use harmonic current waveforms in magnetic field analyses when obtained from running circuit simulation using plant models (JMAG-RT models).

    26 Dec 2018

  3. 142 – Press Fit Analysis of a Divided Core

    OverviewSmaller size and higher output are being demanded of the motors used for applications such as air conditioning compressors. One production technique for achieving this is a higher lamination …

    24 Oct 2018

  4. 167 – Iron Loss Analysis of a Three Phase Induction Motor

    OverviewAn induction motor is a motor in which the rotating magnetic field of the stator coils causes induced current to flow in an auxiliary conductor, which produces force in the rotational directi…

  5. 181 – Analysis of SR Motor Drive Characteristics

    OverviewWith the skyrocketing prices of rare earth magnets, expectations have been rising for SR (switched reluctance) motors because they have a motor format that does not use permanent magnets. SR …

  6. 20 – Sound Pressure Analysis of an SPM Motor

    OverviewAs electric motors are becoming more common, motors which create less noise are in high demand. Sound can be divided into categories of electromagnetic noise, mechanical noise, and draft nois…

  7. 195 – Torque characteristics analysis of three-phase induction motors using 3D correction function

    OverviewAn induction motor is a motor in which the rotating magnetic field of the stator winding causes induced current to flow in an secondary conductor, which exerts force on the rotor in the rotat…

  8. [JFT054]Electromagnetic Force Spatial Modes Acting on a Stator

    In this document, from the electromagnetic force analysis results obtained in JMAG, the procedure to check the spatial modes of force acting on a stator using a radar graph is presented.

    27 Sep 2018

  9. [JFT056] Method of Using Scripts for Outputting Teeth Excitation, Torque Ripple (2D)

    In this document, sample data and a procedure are presented for learning how to use a teeth excitation force script and a torque ripple output script.

    20 Sep 2018

  10. [JFT049] Grouping FEM Coil Conditions

    In this document, how to group FEM coil conditions and associate them with macro component wave windings is explained.

    9 Jul 2018

  11. [JFT048] Brush / Commutator Component

    In this document, how to use the Brush / Commutator component is described.

  12. [JFT044] Pre-Post and Solver Parallel Distributed Processing Using SSH

    In this document, how to set pre-post and solver parallel distributed processing is explained.

  13. 253 – Analysis of an Induction Generator

    OverviewInduction machines are based on the double field revolving theory. An induction machine also operates using the principle of slip. Slip is defined as the difference between synchronous speed …

    15 May 2018

  14. 252 – Shape Optimization of a Solenoid Valve

    OverviewFor the good functioning of a solenoid valve, we want that the solenoid valve is as responsive as possible to the opening and closing commands. For this, we want to optimize the rise time of …

  15. [JFT043] Frequency Filter Calculation on Distributions Obtained by Transient Response Analysis

    This document shows how to display output results in contour form using the Frequency filter calculation function.

    16 Mar 2018

  16. [JFT041] Simple Skew Analysis Using Results Data

    In this document, how to use the skew graph function is described.

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