Transient Magnetic (2D/Axisymmetric)

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  1. [JAC148] Loss Analysis of a Power Transformer (Flyback Converter)

    A magnetic field analysis simulation based on the finite element method (FEM) can precisely evaluate the complex loss distributions of the coil and core, so it is optimal for an a…

  2. Topology Optimization of SynRM using Gabor Filter


  3. Coupled Analysis of Induction Motor using JMAG-Express


  4. Study of Magnetic Structure for Capturing Magnetic Particles in Fluid

    Shigeru Yamamoto, Hitachi High-Tech Corporation

  5. H3X Integrated Motor Drives: Delivering World-Class Power Density for Maximum Vehicle Range

    Max Liben, H3X Technologies

  6. Analysis of Electromagnetic Force Acting on a Workpiece During Induction Heating

    Go Hagimoto, NSK Ltd.

  7. [JAC222] Irreversible Thermal Demagnetization Analysis of Incompletely Magnetized Magnets

    In this example, analysis is performed while varying the temperature of magnetized magnets, and then the influence on the torque waveform and magnetic flux density distribution is…

  8. [JAC122] Inductance Analysis of an IPM Motor -d/q-axis Inductance Obtained by Actual Measurement-

    This Application Note presents an analysis that obtains d/q-axis inductance in an IPM motor while assuming actual measurements in a stationary rotor.

  9. [JFT153] Topology Optimization Calculations Using CNN Surrogate Models

    This document describes as the workflow for topology optimization calculations using CNN surrogate models running topology optimization for creating a CNN surrogate model, creatin…

    • [JFT115] Recalculating Electromagnetic Force and Torque Waveforms

      This document describes the method for calculating electromagnetic force as the post-processing of magnetic field analysis.

      • [JAC034] Demagnetization Analysis of an SPM Motor

        This note presents the use of a magnetic field analysis to evaluate the demagnetizing ratio distribution of an of an SPM motor by changing the current flow.

      • [JAC292] Evaluating Energy Consumption During Drive Cycle Using Loss Maps with Temperature Dependency for IPM Motors

        In this example, loss maps with temperature dependency for an IPM motor are used to compare and evaluate the energy consumption and efficiency during a WLTC drive cycle while usin…

      • [JAC286] IPM Motor Iron Loss Analysis Accounting for PWM -Evaluation with Different Modulation Methods-

        In this example, the effects on iron loss when the modulation method for PWM control is changed are evaluated.

      • [JFT180] Topology Optimization Including Magnet Orientation Directions as Design Variables

        This document describes the procedures for running topology optimization, including the magnet orientation directions as design variables.

        • [JAC289] Efficiency Map Creation for Wound-Field Synchronous Motors

          In this example, efficiency maps for a wound-field synchronous motor are created to check the combinations of currents that result in maximum efficiency. In addition, the loss bre…

        • [RTML-060] IM Constant rating 100(kW)

          Type: IM | Max Power: 100(kW) | Stator(Outside Diameter): 200(mm) | Height: 65(mm) | Voltage/Current: DC500(V)/600(A) | Rotor/Mover: Cage

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