[JFT116] Creating Rotating Machine Coil Geometry Accounting for Arbitrary Winding Methods

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In the analysis of motors and power generators, coil ends may also be created as 3D geometry in order to account for phenomena such as the effect of magnetic flux caused by coils. In JMAG, it is possible to create 3D coil geometry including coil ends simply by configuring parameter settings. By using tables to specify the relationship between slots and windings, support for complex winding methods known as multi-pitch coil and end-winding transposition is also possible.
This document describes the method for creating a rotating machine coil using the coil template Edit Winding Table function.

Fig. a Complex coil geometry and motor


Coil template, Coil end, Motor, Power generator, Geometry Editor, Winding, Multi-pitch coil, End-winding transposition, Edit Winding Table

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