[JFT139] Coil Modeling for Axial Gap Type Rotating Machines Using Coil Template and Winding Editor

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In the analysis of axial gap type motors and power generators, coil shapes may be modeled in detail in order to account for magnetic flux effects and AC copper loss generated by coils (Fig. a). JMAG allows you to create coil shapes for an axial gap type motor by simply setting parameters. Conditions can also be easily set using the winding editor.
This document explains how to create coil shapes and set conditions for an axial gap type motor.

Fig. Axial gap type motor with coil shapes modeled in detailFig. Axial gap type motor with coil shapes modeled in detail


Coil template, Axial gap type, Motor, Power generator, Geometry editor, Winding editor, Winding Setting

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