[JFT158] Several Circuit Conversion Sets

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In order to reduce calculation time, partial models instead of full models may be adopted in an analysis (Fig.a). In such cases, settings are created by converting the circuit parameters to partial models.
In JMAG, full-model values can be input with the circuit-conversion function. For multiple circuits, settings for whether to convert or not, and the conversion rate for each circuit can be set. In addition, circuit conversion can be performed, not only for the input value but also for the result value.
This document explains the procedure on how to set the conversion of multiple circuits in a cage type induction motor model.

Left: Full model
Left: Full model

Right: Partial model(1/4 in circumferential direction,1/2 in axial direction)
Right: Partial model
(1/4 in circumferential direction,1/2 in axial direction)

Fig. a Example of full and partial model


Circuit, Circuit conversion, Induction motor, Partial model

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