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  1. [JFT143] How to Run Control Simulations Using Only JMAG-RT and a Circuit

    This document describes the method for creating an integration study to run a control simulation in JMAG.

    • [JFT149] How to Create JMAG-RT Model with JMAG Designer and Run Consecutive Control Simulation

      This document explains the procedure on how to create a JMAG-RT model in JMAG-Designer and how to use the created model to run consecutive control simulation.

      • [JFT154] Automatic Generation of Motor Thermal Analysis Model of Rotating Machine that Accounts for Cooling

        This document shows how to run scripts from a JMAG project file with any model to create a thermal analysis model with batch settings of circuit components and each thermal condit…

        • [JFT150] Running Calculations of Multiple Studies Connected on Circuits

          This documents explains the procedures on how to run analysis of multiple FEM analysis connected on circuits in JMAG-Designer.

          • [JFT069] Performing Harmonic Loss Calculations Accounting for Current Control with JMAG-Designer and JMAG-RT

            In this document, how to calculate the harmonic loss of a current controlled (PWM controlled) PM motor at high speed using a JMAG-RT model is presented.

          • [JFT147] Creating a Lookup Table Using Parametric Analysis

            This document explains how to run parametric analysis in JMAG-Designer and register it as a lookup table for MATLAB.

            • [JFT133] System Loss Evaluations in System-Level Simulations

              This document describes the method to output an efficiency map / loss map obtained with JMAG and using a circuit simulation to comprehend drive cycle system loss.

              • [JFT134] Inheritance Between Current Waveform Studies

                This document describes the method for setting a current waveform obtained from a 2D analysis to a 3D analysis automatically by using a post calculation script.

                • [JFT126] Vectorizing Signals in a Control Circuit (MUX, DEMUX)

                  This document describes the methods for using a signal vectorization component (MUX) and vector disassembling component (DEMUX) in a control circuit.

                  • [JFT068] Specifying Three-Phase Synchronous Motor dq Axis Current

                    This document explains how to specify a dq axis current and drive a motor.

                    • [JFT080] Direct Coupling between MATLAB/Simulink and JMAG

                      In this document, direct coupling between MATLAB/Simulink and JMAG is presented.

                    • [JFT047] Performing Harmonic Loss Calculations with Current Control in JMAG-Designer

                      In this document, how to calculate the harmonic loss of a current controlled (PWM controlled) motor is described.

                    • [JFT071] Creating User-Defined Calculation Components

                      This document describes methods for creating user-defined calculation components.

                    • [JFT059] How to Account for Harmonic Current (JMAG-RT)

                      This document explains how to use harmonic current waveforms in magnetic field analyses when obtained from running circuit simulation using plant models (JMAG-RT models).

                    • [JFT048] Brush / Commutator Component

                      In this document, how to use the Brush / Commutator component is described.

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