[W-SE-73] Influence of Element Shapes Near the Coil on Convergence

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1. Introduction

Mesh is essential for the accuracy and convergence of iterative calculations such as ICCG in the finite element
method. If the necessary resolution for required areas is not appropriate, convergence will deteriorate and
accuracy will be insufficient. Convergence has been known to generally deteriorate as the aspect ratio of
elements increase [1].
In this report, we will present verification test results for element shapes in the air region near coils and their
effect on convergence and calculation accuracy of the ICCG.
This verification test is for AC loss calculations of coils. Square wires in rotating machines are now being used
widely and calculations of eddy currents in wires are on the rise [2][3][4]. This type of analysis often needs high
resolution air mesh around the coil end in order to accurately capture flux leakage causing eddy currents. Here,
we will investigate the extent to which mesh resolutions affect accuracy and convergence.

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