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  1. A Comparison of Finite Element Method for Full-Wave Analysis of Microwave and Optical Waveguides

    Masanori Koshiba, Hokkaido University

    • New Features and Future Development of JMAG-Works

      The Japan Research Institute,Limited.

      • Electromagnetic Field Analysis of Motors Using JMAG-Works


        • AC Loss of Oxide Superconductive Wire

          Yokohama National University

        • Axisymmetric Transient Response Analysis of an Actuator for an Injector


        • Vision for Numerical Electromagnetic Field Analysis Technology

          Yoshihiro Kawase, Gifu University

        • Magnet Geometry to Increase Maximum Torque for Surface Permanent Magnet Type Electric Synchronous Motors

          Kagoshima University

        • Electromagnetic Field Analysis of a Surface Motor

          Tokyo Metropolitan University

        • Electromagnetic Field Analysis of Rotating Machines

          Haruyuki Kometani, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

        • Magnetic Field Analysis of a Wiggler for a Free Electron Laser

          Osaka sangyou University

        • Example for Educating Designers Using Electromagnetic Field Analysis

          Toyota Industries Corporation

          • Using JMAG-Works for Windows NT

            Koichiro Maki, Sumitomo Metal Minimg Co.Ltd.

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