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  1. Simulation of Performance Test fo Direct Gurrent Brush-less Motor by FEM

    Aoki Koushi, MITSUBA Corporation

  2. Stray Loss Analysis of Turbine Generator

    Ryoichi Mizokami, Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd.

  3. Electromagnetic Field Analysis of a Surface Linear Motor

    Tokyo Metropolitan University

  4. Characteristics of JMAG for Windows NT

    Victor Company of Japan, Limited

    • Characteristics Analysis of a Superconducting Linear Actuator

      A.Kobayashi, Yokohama National University

    • Analysis of Electromagnetic Phenomena of Alternating Current in Superconductive Materials

      Shoichi Honjo, Tokyo Electric Power Company

    • Simple Analysis of Magnetization Orientation Control of Magnets

      SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.

      • Dynamic Analysis of the Rapid Start Ballast

        Katsuhiro Hirata, Matsushita Electric Works,Ltd.

      • Magnetic Field Analysis of Permanent Magnet Motors for Air Conditioners


      • Simple Magnetization Analysis Using JMAG-Works

        Haruyuki Kometani, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

      • Utilizing Analysis Technology for Industrial Linear Motors

        Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

      • Creating Reports Using the VRML Feature

        Koichiro Maki, Sumitomo Metal Minimg Co.Ltd.

        • Simple Magnetization Analysis Using JMAG-Works

          Matsushita Electronic Components Co.,Ltd

        • Applications for Oil and Air Hydraulics

          TAIYO, LTD.

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