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  1. Simulation of Performance Test fo Direct Gurrent Brush-less Motor by FEM

    Aoki Koushi, MITSUBA Corporation

  2. Stray Loss Analysis of Turbine Generator

    Ryoichi Mizokami, Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd.

  3. Electromagnetic Field Analysis of a Surface Linear Motor

    Tokyo Metropolitan University

  4. Characteristics of JMAG for Windows NT

    Victor Company of Japan, Limited

  5. Characteristics Analysis of a Superconducting Linear Actuator

    A.Kobayashi, Yokohama National University

  6. Analysis of Electromagnetic Phenomena of Alternating Current in Superconductive Materials

    Shoichi Honjo, Tokyo Electric Power Company

  7. Simple Analysis of Magnetization Orientation Control of Magnets

    SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.

  8. Dynamic Analysis of the Rapid Start Ballast

    Katsuhiro Hirata, Matsushita Electric Works,Ltd.

  9. Magnetic Field Analysis of Permanent Magnet Motors for Air Conditioners


  10. Simple Magnetization Analysis Using JMAG-Works

    Haruyuki Kometani, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

  11. Utilizing Analysis Technology for Industrial Linear Motors

    Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

  12. Creating Reports Using the VRML Feature

    Koichiro Maki, Sumitomo Metal Minimg Co.Ltd.

  13. Simple Magnetization Analysis Using JMAG-Works

    Matsushita Electronic Components Co.,Ltd

  14. Applications for Oil and Air Hydraulics


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