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  1. Magnetic Field Analysis of a Synchronous Permanent Magnet Motor -Understanding Motor Operation Using JMAG Analyses –

    Munekatsu Shimada, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

  2. Magnetic Field Analysis System Utilizing a Personal Computer

    Motomichi Ohto, Yaskawa Electric Corporation

  3. Latest 3-dimensional Magnetic Field Analysis Utilizing Motion

    Yoshihiro Kawase, Gifu University

  4. 3-dimensional Analysis of Magnetic Recording Head Using JMAG

    Akira AHSGON, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

  5. Magnetic Field analysis of write heads for 20-100Gb/in^2 recordings

    Yasushi Kanai, Niigata Institute of Technology

  6. Coating Simulation of Ion Plating

    Koichiro Maki, Sumitomo Metal Minimg Co.Ltd.

    • Electromagnetics CAE Engineers Education at Mitsubishi Electric

      Hiroshi Hisha, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

      • Applications of Optimal Design Methods in Magnetic Field Problems

        Shinji Wakao, Waseda University

      • New Features and Future Development of the JMAG Series

        Takashi Yamada, The Japan Research Institute,Limited.

        • Analysis of wave-absorption-property for ferromagnetics by FDTD method

          Morihiko Matsumoto, Nippon telegraph and telephone east corp.,

          • Analysis of a Chip Inductor Using JMAG (TD)

            Michio Ohba, Matsushita Electronic Components Co.,Ltd

          • Analysis of Electromagnetic waves using the FDTD Method

            Tatsuya Kashiwa, Kitami Institute of Technology

            • Analysis of Flat Coil Motors

              Kusatsu Electric Co., Ltd./The Japan Research Institute,Limited.

            • Magnetic Field Analysis of Linear Oscillatory Actuator

              Yoshio Tomigashi, SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.

            • Transient Analysis of Stepping Motors for Clocks using JMAG-Works

              Seiko Epson Corporation

            • Trend and Vision for Magnetic Field Simulation Technology

              Keio University

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