Heating property of re-entrant type resonant cavity applicator for brain tumor hyperthermia

Kazuo Kato, Meiji University


We discuss new methods to control the heating pattern of the prototype resonant cavity applicator for deep tumor hyperthermia treatment. We have already confirmed the effectiveness of the developed heating system with experiments using phantoms, animals and computer simulations. Here, the following two methods to control the heating pattern were proposed. In the first method, the diametric ratio of the inner electrodes was changed. In the second method, in addition to the first method, a human body, which was placed in the gap between the two inner electrodes, was moved towards the electrode. According to our computer simulation of heating agar phantoms, we found that the controllable range of the heating pattern was about 80% of the distance from the center of the agar phantom. It was found that the proposed heating methods were applicable to both deep and regional hyperthermia treatment.

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