Integration of Parallel ICCG into JMAG and Performance Test

Kazuhiro Hashiba, VINAS Co.,Ltd


Size of analysis data used for computer simulation has recently been increasing due to the fact that more complex phenomena are modeled in more accurate description than before. Time needed to solve simultaneous linear equation system in such computer simulations has therefore been increasing in recent years, and becoming an important issue to which solutions are sought.
In order to shorten the time needed for solving simultaneous equation system, VINAS developed a general purpose parallel ICCG solver for SMP (shared memory) environment based on the results of the research conducted by Iwashita from Kyoto University (Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies). The parallel ICCG solver is integrated into JAMG and feasibility study of calculation time reduction was carried out. As a result, it is confirmed that significant improvement of overall performance can be achieved by introducing parallel processing only in the matrix calculation part of the simulation program.

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