Performance Analysis of DC-DC Power Converter

Katsuhiro Hirata, Matsushita Electric Works,Ltd.


It is very important to obtain the accurate waveforms of input/output voltage and current in order to design and estimate the efficiency and the power factor of power electronics devices. Therefore, it is useful to estimate dynamic characteristics through an analytical approach. We have performed a dynamic performance analysis of low-frequency transformers using a finite element method taking account of external circuits. Generally, it is not taking account of displacement current in finite element method for low-frequency. But, the influence of displacement current on FEM analysis for MHz band is not uncertain.
This paper describes a dynamic performance analysis of MHz band transformaer, and verifies its acceptability through a comparison with
computed results and experimental results, and the influence of displacement current is investigated. Overmore the performance of DC-DC converter using the transformer is computed and compared with experimental results.

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