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  1. Improvement of Calculation Speed by AMD CPU and Parallel Calculation in Medium-sized Model

    Go Hagimoto, NSK Ltd.

  2. Introduction of New Coils (AST COIL) Using Motor Analysis Developed with Proprietary Manufacturing Methods

    Kyohei Yanagisawa, ASTER CO., LTD.

  3. 3D Design of Magnetic Components by Gaussian Kernel Regression -Forward Design and Inverse Design-

    Yuki Sato, Texas Instruments Japan Limited

  4. JMAG Analysis of Spot Induction Heating to Design a Soldering Head

    Takeshi Usuda, S-FINX Technologies

  5. The Value of Magnetic FEA Simulation in Magnetic Sensing Applications

    Eduardo Montalvo, Coto Technology

  6. Approaches for Topology Optimization

    Koji Tani, JSOL Corp.

  7. Magnetic Analysis for Wireless Power Transfer via Magnetic Resonant Coupling – Effect of Foreign Object –

    Takehiro Imura, The University of Tokyo

  8. Model-Based Design Meets FEA Simulation – Improving Motor Control Development using High Fidelity Motor Models

    Tony Lennon, The MathWorks, Inc.

  9. Development of JMAG for Model Based Design

    Hiroyuki Sano, JSOL Corp.

  10. Improvement of analysis operation using multi-case parallel calculation

    Yoshiyasu Shibayama, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.

  11. Tips and Suggestions for Using JMAG

    Hiroyuki Sano, JSOL Corp.

    • Research on an integration motor to achieve high efficiency and high torque density

      Kan Akatsu, Shibaura Institute of Technology

    • Verification by impedance measurement and analysis of large capacity synchronous motor


    • Model-Base Virtual Verification Method With Advanced PCB Simulation Technics

      Masanari Ueda, Mentor Graphics Japan Co., Ltd.

    • Customer case: Computation of no-loadtorque for slotlessmachine withnon-cylindricalairgap

      Eduardo E. Montalvo-Ortiz, POWERSYS USA

    • Useful Tips for JMAG-Designer

      Masayuki Kawai, JSOL Corp.

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