A simulation of the electromagnetic wave distribution in the microwave oven designed by 3-dimensional CAD (CATIA)

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Koji Yoshino, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.


Although simulation software, such as JMAG-WV, was more effective in the analysis of an electromagnetic wave distribution of a microwave oven, it was hard to model complicated form like an actually designed figure by drawing function. Consequently, it is mainly used in the initial stage of development. Meanwhile, 3-dimensional CAD systems have been introduced into the design of a microwave oven, and our company also introduced CATIA several years ago. If the data of CATIA can be made to link to JMAG, since a simulation can be carried out based on the actually designed figure, it can be expected to improve the simulation accuracy, as well as to progress the design efficiency in the future. This paper describes a verification result regarding the possibility of CATIA and JMAG linkage, and a simulation result of the electromagnetic wave distribution using CATIA data is demonstrated.

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