Recent Large Scale 3-D Finite Element Analysis and Applications

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Yoshihiro Kawase, Gifu University


It is important to design electromagnetic devices using Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) to shorten the development period and reduce costs. In this paper, some applications of the latest three-dimensional finite element analysis are described, that is, 3-D analysis of skewed squirrel-cage induction motors, effects of number of slots on eddy current loss in permanent magnets, 3-D loss analysis in motor case of an interior permanent magnet motor, loss analysis of a miniature motor, the torque characteristic of a claw poled stepping motor, 3-D analysis of a stepping motor for wristwatch, dynamic characteristics analysis of a thermostatic switch, 3-D analysis of a surface permanent magnet motor and a squirrel-cage induction motor using soft magnetic composites, effects of off-center of rotor on distributions of electromagnetic force, and a example of 2-D mesh generation method coupled with CAD systems are also described.

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