Well-Developed Numerical Techniques and Future Expectation for Magnetic Field

Koji Fujiwara, Doshisha University


It seems that evaluation schemes for various machines and devices were fairly improved in recent approximately one decade because of the much progress of both numerical calculation theory and computer environment. In the analysis of rotating machines, for example, the effect of the skew on the operating characteristics can be solved three-dimensionally. Even the deterioration of magnetic properties of stator core due to the shrink-fit can be taken into account, which requires the sophisticated combined technique of the stress analysis and magnetic measurement in addition to the magnetic field analysis. Furthermore, the effects of the inplane 2-D magnetic anisotropy, the lamination of electrical steel sheets, and the hysteresis of non-oriented sheets can be analyzed accurately within the allowable computation time. In this presentation, their advanced techniques are explained, and several techniques expected in the near future are also described.

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