JMAG Development Plans 2012

Takashi Yamada
JSOL Corp.


Our goal is to make JMAG the most powerful and smartest analysis tool. In order to achieve this, we have been proactively developing and introducing advanced simulation technologies. In addition to even faster solvers, robust mesh functions, detailed materials models, and multiphysics features, we will enhance post-processing functions such as optimization. By reinforcing the foundation of these leading simulation technologies, we will continuously evolve JMAG-Designer as a general-purpose analysis tool. At the same time, development of user-friendly tools for a wide range of users, such as JMAG-Express for motor design and the multi-purpose JMAG-VTB, is also in progress. Furthermore, enhancements of interfaces with third-party products are ongoing so that JMAG’s applications can be expanded even more. Because of this, users will be able to easily conduct structural and fluid analyses with JMAG. We hope you will follow the progress of the continuously-evolving JMAG.

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