Development of an Automation System for Preliminary Design of HEV and EV Motors

Masahiro Aoyama
Electric Drive Vehicle Design Dept. UNIT Group, SUZUKI Motor Corporation


Recently, the flow of Automotive electrification makes it complicated to design HEV·EV motor. CAE analysis is an effective tool for development of HEV·EV motor, and more efficiency. But a considerable amount of skill and man-hours have become necessary for the analysis itself. Further, an advanced analysis system independent of the level of CAE designer is desired.
 On the other hand, automotive analysis system of correlation with motor performance and a design variable is wished also from other than the CAE designer.
 In order to solve these problems in a preliminary design stage, we are tackling the development of design automation system for HEV·EV motor with JSOL corporation.
Today I’d like to introduce this system.

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