Handling Cores and Core Materials in Numerical Analyses for Motor Design and Analysis

Chikara Kaido
Department of Electrical & Electronic Engneering, Kitakyushu National College of Technology


(1) Performance Estimation and the Accuracy in Numerical Analysis
Numerical Analysis Estimations have some errors, because stress (or strain) and actual condition may be insufficiently considered.. Therefore, it is important to understand actual condition in motors and accurate parameters of core materials (electrical steel sheets).
(2) Modeling based on magnetic behaviors in electrical steel sheets
In the case of power electronics drives, it is necessary to model core characteristics in consideration of magnetic behaviors because cores are excited with various waveforms.
(3) Prospective numerical simulation
Numerical simulation can make clear the conditions of motor and core that cannot be measured, for instant, inner conditions of cores, and the differences between estimated and actually measured values may indicate the existence of unknown factor. Thus, numerical simulation may be important to grasp what cannot be measured and unknown factors.

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