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  1. JMAG Development Plans 2013

    Takashi Yamada, JSOL Corp.

    • Handling Cores and Core Materials in Numerical Analyses for Motor Design and Analysis

      Chikara Kaido, Kitakyushu National College of Technology

    • Coil Vibration as a Noise Source Generated by Transformer Load Current

      Kiyoshi Wakimoto, MEIDENSHA CORPORATION

    • Magnetic Field Analysis of Large Transformers in Direct Current Bias Magnetism

      Kenichi Tanaka, Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd.

    • The Coupling of JMAG with Virtual.Lab Acoustics in view of predicting Transformer Noise due to Magnetostriction

      Koen De Langhe, LMS, A SIEMENS BUSINESS / Yusaku Suzuki, JSOL Corp.

    • JMAG’s Searching Quest for Large Scale, Faster Electromagnetic Analysis – HPC Solver Introduction –

      Kazuki Semba, JSOL Corp.

    • The study of calculation accuracy improvement for magnetic loss of motor

      Kohichi Tanimoto, DENSO CORPORATION

    • Numerical Validation of Magnetic Measurement method of Motor Core using JMAG Designer.

      Takao Imagawa, Hitachi,Ltd.

    • Magnet temperature analysis and prototype verification in permanent magnet synchronous motor

      Ken Takeda, AISIN AW Co.,LTD.

    • Newly introduced non-oriented electrical steel sheets to JMAG material database and the influence of magnetic properties of non-oriented electrical steels…

      Hiroaki Toda, JFE Steel Corporation

    • Actuality and Scope on Simulation of Heat Treatment

      Dong-Ying JU, Saitama Institute of Techinoligy

    • High-Frequency Induction Heating Simulation using a Coupling of JMAG and COSMAP

      Yohei Awata, Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd.

    • Crankshaft optimization of induction heat treatment using computer aided engineering(The second report)

      Akiko Inami, Fuji Heavy Industries LTD.

    • Computer simulation of induction heating contains thermal deformation in large ring metal parts.

      Takashi Horino, NETUREN CO,.LTD.

    • Abaqus – JMAG Cosimulation of Induction Heating and Induction Forming Processes

      Kazuhiro Maeda, Dassault Systemes SIMULIA

    • Thermal Fluid Analysis of a PM Motor Multi-phase Flow

      Toshinobu Tanimura, Komatsu Ltd.

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