Development of Power Transmission Coupling in Superconducting Levitation Pump by Magnetic Field Analysis

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Masao Hiragushi, Seikow Chemical Engineering and Machinery, Ltd.


Bearing, one of the pump parts, is possible to generate debris. Debris also is possible to contaminate transferring liquid.
It is nevertheless that some pump is duly required to transfer highest clean liquid especially in the semiconductor industry and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.
In order to avoid contamination, we’ve developed the super conducting levitation pump to realize the perfect non-contact rotational mechanism without mechanical contact.
Superconducting levitation pump is a device applying the principle of “superconducting levitation”.
In power transmission coupling conduct rotational force to levitated rotor, larger magnetic force provides higher torque between magnets, the superconducting levitation is broken by enormous magnetic force. Therefore, it’s necessary to develop most suitable balance ? high torque with low magnetic force.
In this study, we optimized arrangement of the magnetic coupling for power transmission by magnetic field analysis.

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