Shape Optimization of Induction Heating Coil by JMAG – Optimus Cooperation

Ayaka Nakata
CAE Group Product Development Dept., KOYO THERMO SYSTEMS CO.,LTD.


Carburizing treatment is used for improving the strength characteristics of mechanical steel parts including automobile parts such as pulleys. However, conventional gas carburizing requires long processing time and cannot achieve small lot production. To solve these problems, Koyo Thermo Systems has proposed “SmartFLEC One”, an ultrahigh speed carburizing device that adopts induction heating as the heating method.
In order to perform the treatment using induction heating, it is necessary to devise a heating specification, in particular, a heating coil. Therefore, in this presentation we will introduce a case where we worked on the shape optimization of the heating coil which can hold the soak by cooperation of JMAG and Optimus for pulley.

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