Magnetic Field Analysis

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  1. [W-MB-181] Validation of JMAG-RT Spatial Harmonic Model Accuracy: Comparison of Differential Equation Models, Integral Method Models, and FEA

    JMAG-RT generates models that can simulate nonlinear motor characteristics for use in control circuit designs done with software-in-the-loop (SIL), hardware-in-the-loop (HIL), and…

  2. Tosei Engineering corp.

    Activity in the Visualization in Non-contact Sensing for Assurance Accuracy

    Yuki Sugiura, Ryo Kagiya, Tosei Engineering corp.

  3. [JAC107] Current voltage characteristics analysis of flyback converters

    In this example, this case study obtains the current waveform of the primary / secondary winding and the core magnetic flux density distribution, current density distribution insi…

  4. 3D Magnetic Field Analysis of Large Power Transformer Using Transient Analysis


  5. The Value of Magnetic FEA Simulation in Magnetic Sensing Applications

    Eduardo Montalvo, Coto Technology

  6. Electromagnetic Field Analysis of AB Phases and Z Phase Magnetic Interference in a Magnetic Encoder

    Koji Kokue, Tamagawa-seiki Co.,Ltd.

  7. Measurement Technique for Magnetic Flux in a Motor Core under Operating Conditions

    Yoshitaka Maeda, TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D LABS., INC.

  8. Improvement of Convergence in 3D Magnetic Field Analysis of Large Power Transformer


  9. [JAC244] Magnetic Field Strength Analysis at a Sensor Position

    In this example, with the analysis target being a motor and the detection sensor being a TMR sensor, an example where a detection signal waveform is obtained that is based on magn…

  10. [JAC204] Copper Loss Analysis of Switching Transformers using Litz Wire

    This document introduces confirms the effects on copper loss due to the presence or absence of a twisted structure in the winding regarding the copper loss that occurs in the smal…

  11. [JAC185] Analysis of Stray Loss in a Power Transformer

    This note obtains loss distribution for each component in drive condition and checks local overheating.

  12. Development of Power Transmission Coupling in Superconducting Levitation Pump by Magnetic Field Analysis

    Masao Hiragushi, Seikow Chemical Engineering and Machinery, Ltd.

  13. The Development of Magnetic Property Evaluation Techniques in Accordance with Solenoid Coil Methodology Using JMAG


  14. Magnetic Analysis for Wireless Power Transfer via Magnetic Resonant Coupling – Effect of Foreign Object –

    Takehiro Imura, The University of Tokyo

  15. Magnetic feedback sensor positioning and determination of harmonic distortion

    Ryan Spindler, SL Montevideo Technology, Inc.

  16. JMAG-Designer Case Studies and Issues for Magnetic Separators

    Takashi Watanabe, Nippon Magnetics, Inc.

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