Electromagnetic Excitation Force Generated on High Power Density High Rotation SPM Motor Rotor of Rocket Engine Propellant Supply Electric Pump

Mitsuru Shimagaki
Research Unit Ⅳ, Research and Development Directorate, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency


The magnetic flux density distribution generated in the rotor core due to the eccentricity in the motor rotor radial direction is nonuniform and thus the excitation force is generated due to the fluctuation of the electromagnetic force generated in the gap. Next, in the electric pump, a fluid force generated by the pump generates a force that swings the motor rotor. Therefore, when the motor rotor is whirled by the fluid force, the analysis of the eccentricity alone is not suitable for the real phenomenon.
In this research, it aims at grasping the behavior of electromagnetic force by the analysis which considered the whirling movement supposing pump fluid force. Here, the vibration analysis for determining whether or not the rotor system becomes unstable due to the electromagnetic excitation force is not focused.

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