Study of Magnetic Structure for Capturing Magnetic Particles in Fluid

Shigeru Yamamoto
Analysis Lead Design Group, Product Development Digital Engineering Center,
Design Strategy Div.,
Hitachi High-Tech Corporation


In recent years, in medical blood analyzers, there has been rapid progress in technology that enables highly accurate prediction of diseases at low cost using a small amount of sample with less damage on patients. The device includes a reaction process using magnetic particles with blood components and a magnetic collection process. In the magnet collection process, magnetic particles are in flowed liquid and a permanent magnet is brought closer to outside of capillary to continuously adsorb the particles to the inner wall of the capillary at a high recovery rate. In this study, we used JMAG subroutine to create an equation of motion that consider fluid drag, magnetic force, gravity, and friction force. We report the results of simulation.

The Faster Analysis of the Axial Gap Motor using JMAG

The Faster Analysis of the Axial Gap Motor using JMAG

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