Modeling Study of Magnetic Properties in Stator Cores with Splits in the Core Back Region and Study of Application to Design

Yu Hirotani
Advanced Technology R&D Center,
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


In recent years, high accuracy has been demanded in electromagnetic field analysis used for motor design, and as one measure, it is useful to reflect changes in magnetic properties that occur during motor manufacturing in the analytical model of the finite element method. The stator core is often manufactured by integrating cores that are divided at the core back. It is important to reflect the effect of the degradation of nonlinear magnetic properties caused by the split in the electromagnetic field analysis. In this study, the nonlinear magnetic properties of a stator core with a split in the coreback section were modeled by comparing the results with the results of actual measurements using evaluation samples. The application of the model to motor design was also discussed.

The Faster Analysis of the Axial Gap Motor using JMAG

The Faster Analysis of the Axial Gap Motor using JMAG

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