Transformers and reactors are a unique breed of machines used in a variety of systems that have diverse problems requiring ingenious solutions. The pressure to forge the next generation of designs under stringent cost and schedule constraints continues to grow creating a need for a new type of tool able to reduce the number of prototypes that have to be built while being fast, accurate, and simple to use.

The latest version of JMAG-Designer has stepped up to the challenge and persevered to achieve a leading-edge solution that is the first of its kind to be developed for simulation technology. This specialized interface revolutionizes the transformer and rector design process by giving design engineers the ability to directly obtain characteristics such as the inductance, the leakage inductance, the loss, and the magnetic characteristics required for superior designs.

We will continue to update the information on this page with cutting-edge examples of the unique ways JMAG is being used to advance the technology of today for the future of tomorrow.


Host Japan Management Association
Date July 21, 2010 (Wed.) to July 23, 2010 (Fri.) 10:00 – 18:00
(Closed at 17:30 on the 23rd)
Venue Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center) Booth : 3X-204 (East Hall 3)
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Exhibition Outline

Simulation Software for Electromechanical Design– JMAG-Designer Transformer Solutions

JMAG-Designer’s specialized interface for transformers and reactors allows design engineers to create geometry by simply selecting the template they need from an extensive database that includes magnetic and loss characteristics of ferrite cores from major manufactures such as TDK and Hitachi Metals. Bobbins and windings can be created with ease by specifying a few necessary settings.

A calculation algorithm designed specifically for transformers and reactors has also been implemented to quickly and accurately obtain characteristics such as inductance, leakage inductance, heat, core saturation, and losses that account for the skin effect and proximity effect common in high frequency transformers. JMAG-Designer empowers design engineers to realize the designs they envision.

Power Transformers

Power transformers require precise designs that provide a field tolerance durable enough to support load variations caused by various types of disturbances to deliver the most stable power supply. These designs must also be able to compensate for any effects caused by parts surrounding the power transformer such as the housing and clamps.

JMAG-Designer is equipped with the latest finite element analysis technologies capable of evaluating core saturation caused by inrush currents as well as electromagnetic force acting on the windings. The heat produced by the entire power transformer and its components can be investigated thoroughly in addition to evaluating the leakage magnetic flux from the core by modeling the parts surrounding the power transformer.

Switching Transformers

Transformer and reactor designs are in a constant struggle to meet the demands to be smaller and lighter yet more efficient. Higher switching frequencies are required to conform to these present trends producing greater losses caused by the skin effect and increased heat due to difficulty reserving space for insulation. Design engineers must struggle each day to find new and clever ways to resolve these problems.

JMAG-Designer allows design engineers to visualize where these problems are rooted to find inventive countermeasures. A wide range of geometry and parametrics can be analyzed quickly and accurately to fully comprehend their effects on the complex phenomena at work reducing the number of prototypes required and allocating the cost and time saved back into the design process.

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