MOTORTECH JAPAN 2010 Exhibition



The latest version of JMAG-Designer supports products from their conception through their detailed design using a rich set of features. Highly accurate modeling is one of the fundamental requirements to correctly capturing the complex phenomena acting on motors. JMAG-Designer is composed of advanced simulation technology capable of encompassing a wide range of phenomena from various material properties to magnetic field, thermal, and structural characteristics. The detailed information that is obtained can then be implemented into control simulators as well as hardware in the loop and software in the loop to provided a more in depth look at the entire system.

Other specialized solutions for motor design only available in the JMAG suite such as JMAG-RT, which comes with JMAG-Designer, and JMAG-Express, which is a freely distributed software, can be used in concert with JMAG-Designer to facilitate an even more comprehensive understanding of each motor design from hashing out the rough specifications to examining the effects of the motor on the entire system.

We will continue to update the information on this page with cutting-edge examples of the unique ways JMAG is being used to advance the technology of today for the future of tomorrow.


Host Japan Management Association
Date July 21, 2010 (Wed.) to July 23, 2010 (Fri.) 10:00 – 18:00
(Closed at 17:30 on the 23rd)
Venue Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center) Booth 1B-201 (East Hall 1)
Admission Fee Free admission with visitor registration form
Please Register from the TECHNO-FRONTIER’s official site

Exhibition Outline

Presentations Every 15 Minutes

These presentations demonstrating innovated solutions for motor design are only available at the MOTORTECH JAPAN 2010 exhibition. We look forward to seeing you there.

A: Motor Design Using JMAG
The latest version of JMAG, the analysis tool proven for motor design and development, will be released in July. This presentation introduces some of the functions recommended for motor design.
B: Demands for Motor Performance
The highly advanced motors of today require limit state design. Capturing and evaluating the inner workings of motors is vital to satisfy the stricter demands of designs. An evaluation and analysis environment driven by CAE can step up to these demands.
C: Achieving Higher Design Efficiency Using JMAG
Time is valuable to each one of us. For this reason, JMAG continues to strive to increase the speed analysis. More comprehensive models as well as a multitude of cases can be analyzed quickly by utilizing the high-speed linear solver, the multiple core/cluster parallel solver, and distributed processing. This presentation demonstrates the raw power of JMAG.
D: JMAG – Simple to be Precise
Since its release in 1983, JMAG has been utilized for a large number motor development projects around the world. JMAG combines many years of experience in the field of motors in an easy to use package. This presentation introduces how simple highly accurate analyses can be to perform.
E: Providing Highly Accurate Motor Models – Revolutionizing the Supply Chain –
The complexity of motors and application directed motors being designed today cannot be expressed on a paper request or specifications. The detailed specifications of a motor can be defined using JMAG-RT by confirm the motor to be used. Wouldn’t you as a motor manufacturer or motor procurer like to investigate the motors you supply or purchase in advance?
F: Solutions for Everyone Working with Motors
This presentation introduces the vast range of ways JMAG can be used for a multitude of applications. JMAG is ideal for the design and development of unique products by allowing users the potential for new discoveries.
G: Noise Issues of Motor Drives
Issues of electromagnetic noise in motor drives is more apparent as switching devices increase in speed. The analysis solutions provided by JMAG+EMC Studio can support users in overcoming these problems.
H: Demands for Optimized Design -Simulations for Optimizing Designs –
The physical phenomena acting on motors is very complex. Designers are constantly struggling with the trade offs of motor characteristics such as the magnetic circuit, strength, output, and temperature. The latest simulation technology provides new avenues to solutions by allowing designers to take one step closer to the physical phenomena that occurs. This presentation introduces optimization design using JMAG.
Time 21st 22nd 23rd
10:30- A B C
10:55- D G F
11:20- E F H
11:45- B C E
12:10- C D B
12:35- F H G
13:00- G E F
13:25- H G C
13:50- D B A
14:15- B A D
14:40- E D G
15:05- D G E
15:30- H E A
15:55- F A H
16:20- C B D
16:45- G H B
17:10- H C G
17:35- A F

Products and Services

The products that will be exhibited are

  • Simulation Software for Electromechanical Design — JMAG-Designer
  • Model Based Development Tool for Motor Drive Systems — JMAG RT-Solution
  • The Motor Design Tool — JMAG-Express
  • Obtain Motor Characteristics Instantly — JMAG-Express Public
    (A free copy of JMAG-Express Public is provided to everyone who attends)


  • Motor optimization and evaluation
  • Actuator design
  • Inverter design
  • Control system design
  • Material selection and evaluation
  • Sensor evaluation
  • Thermal design
  • Noise/vibration reduction
  • Magnetic head design
  • Electromechanical device development, etc.

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