Optimus-JMAG cooperation solution seminar 2015


Date Tuesday April 21, 2015
Venue CYBERNET SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. Tokyo headquarters 18F seminar room (Tokyo, Japan)
URL http://www.cybernet.co.jp/optimus/seminar_event/special/jmag2015.html    (Japanese only)

Optimus -JMAG Coupling Solution Seminar is a seminar hosted by Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd.
Mr.Nishio from JSOL Corporation will be making a presentation titled “Optimization Case Studies of Reactor Sound Reduction with JMAG-Optimus Coupling.”

Reactors are used in a variety of electric power systems including inverter units in vehicles.
On the other hand, vibration noise of reactors is becoming a critical issue and countermeasures are demanded.
Vibrations occur in the reactor as a result of electromagnetic force and magnetostrictive force becoming the vibratory force.
This phenomenon can only be accurately evaluated by having an accurate grasp on the excitation phenomena between these excitation forces and eigenfrequency.
We will be introducing examples of reducing noise without dropping the electrical performance of the reactor using Optimus, magnetic field analysis, and structural analysis.

Event Report

We gave a presentation at Optimus-JMAG Coupling Solution Seminar hosted by Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd.
At the presentation, titled “JMAG-Optimus Reactor Noise Reduction Seminar”, Mr. Hanzawa from Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd. and Mr. Nishio from JSOL took turns presenting.
Also during the presentation, features from the latest version of Optimus were introduced, and useful features for optimizing geometry during a coupled analysis were discussed.
With nearly a full house, a wide range of participants attended, from those just getting started in analysis to those who have already had experience in the field.
Analysis novices inquired on the potentiality of coupled analyses, and those more experienced in analyses asked about new features and solutions.
We will continue to improve upon our technologies to make even better analyses possible.

Partners Introduction

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