Saber seminar


Host Nihon Synopsys G.K.
Date Friday March 6, 2015
Venue Nihon Synopsys G.K. Tokyo headquarters (Tokyo, Japan)
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The Saber seminar is a seminar hosted by Nihon Synopsys.
Mr.Suzuki from JSOL will be making a presentation titled “The Need for JMAG-RT in Drive Motor ECU Development.”

Electromagnetic field analysis software, JMAG, has become widely used in many motor design / development projects since its release in 1983.
JMAG has a variety of functions for motor modeling, and is capable of generating high-speed high-precision plant models (JMAG-RT) for various platforms.
By incorporating JMAG-RT to a system structured with Saber, it becomes possible to efficiently proceed from system design to ECU evaluation.
This seminar will introduce the usability of JMAG-RT, which can overlook the flow of both motor design and system design.

Event Report

Our technical partner, Nihon Synopsys hosted a Saber seminar.
This seminar is held twice annually in Nagoya and Osaka. In addition to semiconductor manufacturers, there will be participants from many industries such as automobile, aerospace, power electronics and many more.
JMAG also introduced JMAG-RT’s usability through the presentation, “The Need for JMAG-RT in Drive Motor ECU Development.”
This presentation showed that using JMAG-RT detects problems during the function design and test stage, and reduces time in system development.
Through this seminar, we believe that we have been able to pass on the message to Saber users that JMAG-RT will be a strong support for Saber’s motor drive system simulations.
We hope that JMAG-RT will assist in the work of both JMAG and Saber users.

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