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JMAG Mail News

JMAG is used by many companies, research centers and educational institutions.

In “Implementing JMAG”, we publish interviews of users who have made use of JMAG in new developments, achieving solutions and taking on new challenges.
We are pleased to announce that this month, we have added a new user case of implementing JMAG.

Latest Implementing: AISIN CORPORATION

In response to electrification, the Aisin Group is building a system to produce some 4.5 million electric units a year by 2025. The company has set a goal to improve electric mileage by 10% in electric vehicles and is looking ahead to working toward realizing a carbon-neutral society. We spoke with Ms. Okawa , Associate Officer in charge of the Power Train and Electrification Development of the Powertrain Company, the key figure in technology development and production of the “eAxle” traction system for battery electric vehicles (BEVs).


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