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Recommended Leaflet:
Accurately Identifying Motor Characteristics During Control with JMAG-RT

[L-MB-30] Accurately Identifying Motor Characteristics During Control with JMAG-RT
In general, the characteristics of motor models used in control circuit simulation of a motor drive system are often assumed to be constant when the motor is in drive mode. This is because the cost of modeling is low and evaluation items are averaged characteristics such as steady-state torque during control.
However, the effects of the harmonic components cannot be ignored when controlling the motor to maximize motor performance at high speed (field-weakening region).

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An engineer's diary

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JMAG Open Interface

We have updated our site introducing case studies of linked analysis.
In recent years, the sophistication of electrical equipment design is required. As known there is a limit to the design of magnetic circuits alone, therefore multifaceted evaluations such as structure, vibration, heat, and control are required at the same time.
It is more efficient to perform coupled analysis by linking different software where they have their own strength in the respective physical phenomenon rather than to adhere to one CAE software.

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Case Studies
On the same page, we also introduce case studies from JMAG Users Conference Proceedings every week.
Case Studies of the Week:
In the analysis of flat motors, the presence or absence of leakage magnetic flux in the axial direction influences the characteristics. 3D JMAG-RT motor models were used to evaluate the characteristics in MATLAB/Simulink, confirming that system and control design can be created with higher accuracy than 2D models.

Please check the case studies on the site above.

JMAG-RT Model Library: Wound-Field Synchronous Motor model

Sample data [RTML-052]-[RTML-056] of Wound-Field Synchronous Motor model has been added.



POWERSYS of JMAG Distributor will exhibit at ECCE2023.

Date: October 29th (Sunday) – November 2nd (Thursday)
Venue: MUSIC CITY CENTER (Nashville, USA)
Booth number: 436

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