[L-HU-01] High Performance Parallel Solver Analyzing Complex Phenomena in Rotating Machines As Is


JMAG’s high performance parallel solver allows 3D analysis within a practical time frame. For example, it can solve for one step for a motor model of one million elements in one minute, and solve a 3D analysis model of a wire including coil ends in one day.
Traditionally, 2D analysis has been widely used for rotating machines. Along with thinner rotating machines and greater output power, scenarios that require 3D analysis are increasing more and more. Although costly 3D analysis has been applied to limited cases, it can be practically utilized using the MPP solver. By calculating directly in a 3D model, it is possible to evaluate designs in detail without relying on the approximation of complicated phenomena.

Fig.1 Leakage flux and coil joule loss density

Fig.1 Leakage flux and coil joule loss density
With 128 parallel processes, calculation for a 181 step model with approx. one million elements can be run within one day. Eddy currents are generated by leakage flux linked to coil ends.

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