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  1. [JAC296] Torque Characteristic Analysis of an IPM Motor Accounting for Temperature Distribution and Changes in Temperature

    In this example, magnetic field and thermal coupled analysis is run, and changes in torque due to part temperatures and magnet demagnetization are checked.

  2. [L-MB-31] Monitoring Internal Condition of the Motor Using JMAG-RT Model

    Quietness and safety are required from a motor as equipment such as electric vehicles and robots that utilize motors have been in great demand. For this reason, motor control is r…

  3. [L-SE-59] Detailed Modeling for Harmonic Loss Analysis

    In IPM motors driven by PWM inverters, eddy current losses occur due to carrier higher harmonics. For higher efficiency, it is important to evaluate higher harmonic loss at design…

  4. [L-MO-54] JMAG-Express Online

    JMAG-Express Online is a Web service to support your motor design work anytime, anywhere.

  5. [JAC295] Inverter Changeover Control for an Open-end Winding Motor

    This case study runs a circuit simulation of an open-end winding motor drive system that switches from using a single inverter to dual inverters during operation in order to mitig…

  6. [RTML-061] PMSM/IPM Constant rating 100(kW) 3-phase, Open-End Winding

    Type: PMSM | Max Power: 100(kW) | Stator(Outside Diameter): 250(mm) | Height: 259(mm) | Voltage/Current: DC350(V)/400(A) | Rotor: IPM

  7. [W-OP-165] Solving Geometry Conflicts in GA Optimizations with Large Numbers of Geometric Parameters

    Genetic Algorithm (GA) based optimization with finite element analysis is expected to become a solution for high performance motor designs which need to satisfy many strict requir…

  8. [W-MB-181] Validation of JMAG-RT Spatial Harmonic Model Accuracy: Comparison of Differential Equation Models, Integral Method Models, and FEA

    JMAG-RT generates models that can simulate nonlinear motor characteristics for use in control circuit designs done with software-in-the-loop (SIL), hardware-in-the-loop (HIL), and…

  9. Best of Bosch – The Computational Concerto Orchestrating Finite Element Analysis, Network Methods, and Machine Learning

    Stefan KURZ, Robert Bosch GmbH

  10. Magnetic, Thermal and Vibration Evaluation of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Considering High Frequency Component of Electric Current by PWM

    Takeshi Hara, YANMAR HOLDINGS CO.,LTD.

  11. Analysis and Optimization of Motors for Electric Vehicles

    ChiLu Lee, Vast Power Corporation

  12. Operating Characteristics of Adjustable-Field Permanent Magnet Motors with 3D Magnetic Paths and Asymmetric Magnet Arrangement

    Yutaro Hiyoshi, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

  13. Development of a Detailed 3D Eccentric eMotor Model for Electric Vehicle NVH Simulations

    Jacob Krizan, Ford Motor Company

  14. Investigation of the Effect on Electromagnetic Excitation Force Considering Dynamic Eccentricity in Ultra-High Rotation Motor

    Takashi Maeda, ESTECH Corporation

  15. H3X Integrated Motor Drives: Delivering World-Class Power Density for Maximum Vehicle Range

    Max Liben, H3X Technologies

  16. Coupled Optimization of Active and Passive Components in Electric Machines: Towards Performance, Efficiency, Reliability and EMC Objectives

    Mohamed Essam Ahmed, AVL List GmbH

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