[L-HU-168] Fast Solving of Large Scale Model Using Massive Parallel Processing


Motors with hairpin coils are increasing to improve space factor in slot and to reduce motor size, and estimating current bias and AC copper loss at high speeds is becoming increasingly important.
Axial magnetic flux at core end causes in-plane eddy current losses which will increase with higher speeds. In addition, there are many components that generate eddy currents, and these losses must be accurately evaluated at design phase.
One option for accurate loss analysis is 3D analysis. However, the number of elements often reaches into the millions, limiting its use in terms of calculation cost. In order to incorporate sufficient analysis results into design, calculations must be completed in a practical timeframe, and for models with millions of elements, the performance of massive parallel calculations is important.

Fig.1 Loss result and mesh division of motor and coil with hairpin coil

Fig.1 Loss result and mesh division of motor and coil with hairpin coil
Layered meshes on the surface. The number of elements became 7.8 million.

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