[L-MO-09] Easily Creating Complex Coil Ends Geometry in a Template

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The introduction of square wire coils and higher motor speeds no longer allow coil AC losses to be ignored as a loss factor. Coil AC losses are caused by the skin effect and proximity effect due to frequencies, wire geometry and wire placement, as well as by current density distribution concentrated in wires arising from leakage flux that links coil ends.
To analyze these phenomena in detail, wires must be modeled one at a time, and coil end geometry must be accurately expressed. However, it is not easy to create wire models as many as the number of coil turns. Using templates provided in JMAG allows detailed coil geometry with coil ends to be easily created.
Use the wire template function to fill slots with wires, and the coil template function to create 3D coils with coil ends.

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