[L-HU-43] Many Cores Supported by Desktop Parallel Solver SMP


As performance of desktop PCs has been greatly improving, PCs equipped with not only multi-core (4-8 core equipped CPUs) but with many cores (CPUs equipped with 10 or more cores) have been increasing. In order to make full use of the capabilities of hardware, the calculation speed using parallel solver SMP (parallel calculation using multi-cores in a computer) for multi-core PCs has further been improved. With 36 parallel processes in SMP, a calculation time of approximately 1/10th the time it takes for non-parallel analysis can be achieved.
The JMAG SMP solver ensures scalability with a high ratio of speed improvement in many core environments by achieving a high core utilization rate and by the parallelization of numerous processes. The SMP solver can easily perform parallel calculations without needing maintenance of hardware such as with the network.

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