Thorough Review in the Design Stage

Modern automobiles use many electrical devices for various functions including opening and closing windows, positioning and reclining seats, power steering, and engine control. JMAG has contributed to the development of the motors and actuators that are commonly used to control these electrical devices. JMAG is also used for the development of hybrid cars and power electronics essential for FCV and EV which appear to be the key to resolving global warming.
The motors and sensors used for automobiles are required to have high reliability as well as high performance. These requirements must be met within time and cost constraints of a competitive environment. To achieve these goals, it is critical to examine prototypes thoroughly during the design stage. JMAG supports the design process of automobiles by offering excellent modeling and analysis capabilities.

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    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Influence of Magnetic Force Distribution on Cogging Torque of Permanent Magnet Motor

    Takao Yabumi, Daido Steel Co., Ltd.

    6 Dec 2002

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Examination about the analysis method of demagnetization of a permanent magnet

    Mitsutoshi Natsumeda, Sumitomo Special Metals CO.,LTD

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Magnetic calculation considering hysteresiswith Hysteron model using JMAG


    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Loss Analysis of Rotating Machines Considering Harmonic Electromagnetic Fields in Stator and Rotor

    Katsumi Yamazaki, Chiba Institute of Technology

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    A Method for Nonlinear Magnetic Field Analysis Taking Account of the 2-D Magnetization Property

    Koji Fujiwara, Okayama University

    6 Dec 2001

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Analysis of 2-D Magnetization Property using by JMAG

    Hiroshi Hashimoto, The Japan Research Institute,Limited.

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Improvement of Motor Core Performance by Practical Use Developed Evaluation Technique for Electrical Steel

    Masao Yabumoto,Takeaki Wakisaka,Chikara Kaido, Nippon Steel Corporation

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Cogging Torque Analysis of Thin-Shaped Permanent Motor With Pole-Orientations Taking into Account of Material Properties

    Takushi Fujioka,Youichi Tanabe, FUJITSU GENERAL LIMITED

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Eddy current loss analysis of electrical steel sheet and permanent magnet using JMAG

    Munekatsu Shimada,Hideaki Ono, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Analysis of A New Motor Drive Control Technology Using by JMAG

    Hideshi Ohtsuka, SHARP Corporation

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Recent Analysis Method of Motors Using 3-D Finite Element Method

    Yoshihiro kawase, Gifu University

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    New Practical Analysis of Actuators by 3-D Finite Element Method

    Yoshihiro Kawase, Gifu University

    6 Dec 2000

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Alternator Three-dimensional Analysis that Incorporates Rectifier Circuit

    Yuji Naruse,Masao Ichikawa,Atsuo Ishizuka, DENSO CORPORATION,NIPPON SOKEN,INC.

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Integrated Development Environment for Motor Drive Control System Using JMAG and Matlab/Simulink

    Chen Hui, NSK Ltd.

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Magnetic Field and Thermal Analysis of Motors Using JMAG


    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Studies on Deformation of the Yoke of a DC Motor Caused by Electromagnetic Force

    Yoshiji Nakagawa, ASMO Co.,Ltd

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