Thorough Review in the Design Stage

Modern automobiles use many electrical devices for various functions including opening and closing windows, positioning and reclining seats, power steering, and engine control. JMAG has contributed to the development of the motors and actuators that are commonly used to control these electrical devices. JMAG is also used for the development of hybrid cars and power electronics essential for FCV and EV which appear to be the key to resolving global warming.
The motors and sensors used for automobiles are required to have high reliability as well as high performance. These requirements must be met within time and cost constraints of a competitive environment. To achieve these goals, it is critical to examine prototypes thoroughly during the design stage. JMAG supports the design process of automobiles by offering excellent modeling and analysis capabilities.

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    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Optimization of Electric Motors for Automotive Applications

    Bernd Cebulski, Stephan Paul, Advanced Powertrain Electrification, IAV GmbH Chemnitz

    15 Feb 2016

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Electromagnetic-thermal coupled multi-objective optimization on HPC systems for rotating electrical machines used in phev applications

    David Philipp Morisco, GS-EH/EDM1, Robert Bosch GmbH

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Multi-Physics Machine Design Optimization Based on Finite Element Analysis Using High-Throughput Computing

    Wenying Jiang, Department of Electrical Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Analysis of a Claw Pole Rotating Machine Regeneration

    Taiga Komatsu, Electromechanical Systems Department, Advanced Technology R&D Center, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    The effort of fast numerical simulation of large scale electromagnetic field analysis


    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Coupled Thermal/Structural/Magnetic Field Analysis Using JMAG

    Shinya Tanaka, Solution Division(Kawasaki) CAE Center Kurashiki Gr., JFE Techno-Research Corporation

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    JMAG Case Study Presentation for Developing Electric Components of a Motorcycle Engine


    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Development of a wireless power transfer technology and electromagnetic field analysis

    Tomio Yasuda, New Technology Development Department, Technova Inc.

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Electromagnetic design method of wireless charging coil mounted under a vehicle

    Hiroaki Yuasa, Nobuhiro Kibudera, BR Electric Vehicle・Charge System Development Dept, TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION, Norihito Kimura, Nippon Soken, Inc.

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Useful Tips for JMAG-Designer

    Masayuki Kawai, JSOL Corp.

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Study on the Application of the JMAG Optimization Function in Motor Design

    Yoshiyuki Sakashita, Manufacturing Engineering, PUES Corporation

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Thermal Demagnetization Analysis of Neodymium-Iron-Boron Sintered Magnets With Non-Uniform Coercivity Distribution by Diffusing Heavy Rare Earth Eleme…

    Nobuyuki Shimbo, Materials Development Center Technokogy HQ, TDK Corporation

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Development and Experimental Verification of Simulation Code on Induction Heat Treatment Process

    Ju,Dong-Ying, Institute for Advanced Sciences, Saitama Institute of Technology

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Feedback control assisted IH analysis

    Hiroshi Yuki, Advanced technology R&D center, NTN Corporation

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Analytical Predictions for Residual Stress in Crankshaft Subjected to Induction Hardening

    Hideaki Ueda, Reliability Group, Research Center, Research & Development Center, YANMAR CO., LTD.

    • JMAG Users Conference Proceedings

    Evaluation of Iron Loss Analysis and Material Modeling Accounting for Residual Strain

    Hiroyuki Sano, JSOL Corp.

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