[JFT074] High Accuracy Electromagnetic Force Calculation with the Correction Method and Adaptive Mesh

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When calculating electromagnetic force in magnetic field analyses, accurately obtaining in-air magnetic field distribution is connected directly to the calculation accuracy of electromagnetic force. With analysis models where magnetic paths are dispersed throughout the air, it is necessary to have a sufficiently fine divided mesh over a wide region. There are also the additional characteristics of the high likelihood of being influenced by mesh noise, and that accuracy in electromagnetic force is difficult to obtain.
By using the adaptive mesh function in JMAG, it is possible to obtain both the interactions between parts as well as in-air magnetic field distribution at a high accuracy. Through the use of the correction method to relax mesh noise, calculating electromagnetic force at both a high accuracy and more efficiently is also possible.
This document describes methods for calculating electromagnetic force working a coil and magnet at a high accuracy.


Electromagnetic force, high accuracy, adaptive mesh, mesh noise, correction methods

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