Magnetostatic (2D/3D)

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  1. [JFT082] Automatic Report Creation Including Contour Plots When Running Multi-case Calculations

    This document describes the method for outputting report files while calculating multiple cases.

  2. [JFT050] Procedure for Exporting a Selected Study from a Project

    In this document, the procedure for exporting 1 study is presented.

    • [JFT053] Magnet Magnetization Direction Inheritance Using an Analysis Template

      In this document, the method for inheriting the magnetization direction of a magnet using an analysis template is detailed.

      • [JFT044] Pre-Post and Solver Parallel Distributed Processing Using SSH

        In this document, how to set pre-post and solver parallel distributed processing is explained.

        • [JFT028] Procedure for Adding Cases Using Materials (Parametric Analysis)

          This document shows the procedure of advance preparation using materials.

        • [JFT022] File Export of a Physical Quantity by Multi-Purpose File Export Tool

          This document shows how to export one physical quantity from JMAG using a multi-purpose file export tool.

        • [JFT020] Inheritance of Analysis Content by Analysis Template

          This document shows how to inherit conditions and materials using an analysis template.

          • [JFT040] Creating Specified Outputs Using Distribution Results

            In this document, how to define an expression of an output and how to display its contour plot is described.

            • [JFT161] Remote Execution for Analysis Using SSH and PBS Options

              This document describes how to use PBS options with the remote machine SSH function to run the analysis of local machine data with remote machines, then importing the results on a…

              • [JFT026] Procedure for Adding Cases Using Select Parameters (Parametric Analysis)

                This document shows the procedure of advance preparation using select parameters.

              • [JAC262] IPM Motor Thermal Demagnetization Analysis with Incomplete Magnetization of Dy Diffusion Magnets

                In this example, a motor using Dy diffused magnets the thermal demagnetization resistance of the Dy diffused magnets with a coercive force distribution when there is incomplete ma…

              • [JFT037] Displaying Differences in Distributions

                This document shows how to display the distribution difference contour plot using the result difference calculation function.

                • [JFT024] Remote Execution of Analysis Using SSH

                  This document shows how to set SSH on a local machine, how to execute on the local machine and how to import results from a remote machine to the local machine.

                  • [JFT103] Performing Topology Optimization Using Density Method

                    In this document, how to execute topology optimization using sensitivity analysis using JMAG is presented.

                  • [JAC222] Irreversible Thermal Demagnetization Analysis of Incompletely Magnetized Magnets

                    In this example, analysis is performed while varying the temperature of magnetized magnets, and then the influence on the torque waveform and magnetic flux density distribution is…

                  • [JAC072] Analysis of Attractive Force between Steel Plates and a Magnet

                    This Application Note explains how to obtain the magnetic flux density distribution and attractive force generated between a steel plate and a magnet.

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