Magnetostatic (2D/3D)

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  1. [JFT179] Simultaneous Multi-Case Execution from CUI on HPC/Cluster

    This document describes the procedures for running multi-case calculations from the CUI of the calculation machine in environments where jobs cannot be directly submitted from the…

    • [JAC126] Magnetization Analysis Accounting for Eddy Currents

      This Application Note presents how to obtain the magnetization field distribution accounting for eddy currents in the magnetic material to be magnetized, the eddy current density …

    • [JFT171] Evaluation of Results for Multi-Case Calculations That Do Not Load Result Files

      This document explains how to run an analysis on the remote machine and check the analysis results without transferring the result file to the local machine.

    • [JFT171] Evaluation of Results for Multi-Case Calculations That Do Not Load Result Files

      DownloadVersionSize (KB)Guide (PDF) -642Sample Data JMAG-Designer 22.1123Case

    • Aisan Industry Co., Ltd.

      Solenoid Valve Development Using Magnetic Field Analysis Coupled Technology

      Naoki Tsuduki, Aisan Industry Co., Ltd.

    • Development of Magnet Unit for the Endurance Test Equipment of Flexible Devices

      Tomonori Katsuta, Industrial Technology Center of Okayama Prefecture

    • [JFT165] Running JMAG Using a Python Development Environment

      This document explains how to run a Python script on a third-party integrated development environment, then configure the settings for conditions in JMAG.

      • [JFT045] Inheriting Settings when Updating CAD

        This document demonstrates how to inherit settings for CAD files when updating them using a script that assumes when to use optimization tools.

      • [JFT082] Automatic Report Creation Including Contour Plots When Running Multi-case Calculations

        This document describes the method for outputting report files while calculating multiple cases.

      • [JFT050] Procedure for Exporting a Selected Study from a Project

        In this document, the procedure for exporting 1 study is presented.

        • [JFT053] Magnet Magnetization Direction Inheritance Using an Analysis Template

          In this document, the method for inheriting the magnetization direction of a magnet using an analysis template is detailed.

          • [JFT044] Pre-Post and Solver Parallel Distributed Processing Using SSH

            In this document, how to set pre-post and solver parallel distributed processing is explained.

            • [JFT028] Procedure for Adding Cases Using Materials (Parametric Analysis)

              This document shows the procedure of advance preparation using materials.

            • [JFT022] File Export of a Physical Quantity by Multi-Purpose File Export Tool

              This document shows how to export one physical quantity from JMAG using a multi-purpose file export tool.

            • [JFT020] Inheritance of Analysis Content by Analysis Template

              This document shows how to inherit conditions and materials using an analysis template.

              • [JFT040] Creating Specified Outputs Using Distribution Results

                In this document, how to define an expression of an output and how to display its contour plot is described.

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