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  1. [JFT016] Controlling Mesh Generation Method for Each Part

    This document describes how to control the mesh generation method for each part by using the extruded direction function.

    • [JFT079] Applying the Extended Slide Function to a Translation Motion Model

      In this document, how to apply the extended slide function to a translation motion model is presented.

      • [JFT099] Mixing Manual Mesh and Auto Mesh

        In this document, how to import a mesh model in which quadrilateral elements have been set for some parts in Geometry Editor into JMAG-Designer and generate mesh for other parts w…

        • [JFT093] Shape Modification Using the Morphing Function (Moving Only Nodes on a Specified Edge)

          In this document, the procedure for moving only nodes in a mesh model on specified edges using the morphing function is presented.

          • [JFT100] Material Allotment per Element

            In this document, how to set a different material for each element of a part and how to create multiple cases with different material specifications for the elements is presented.

          • [JFT092] Mesh Model Skew Deformation

            In this document, how to apply skew to a mesh model is presented.

            • [JFT086] Generating Variable Size Extruded Mesh

              In this document, you will learn how to coarseness set up the extrusion direction and create an extruded mesh.

              • [JFT085] Detailed Rotation Periodic Mesh Settings

                In this document, you will learn the procedure from detailed setting of rotation period mesh to generation of mesh.

                • [JFT074] High Accuracy Electromagnetic Force Calculation with the Correction Method and Adaptive Mesh

                  This document describes methods for calculating electromagnetic force working a coil and magnet at a high accuracy.

                • [JFT005] Function to Control Air Region Mesh Density

                  This document contains sample data and operation procedures for learning how to use the air mesh element size control function.

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