[JFT143] How to Run Control Simulations Using Only JMAG-RT and a Circuit

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In motor design, it is not only just the performance of the motor itself that requires evaluation, but evaluating the performance of the entire system is also needed.
Because control simulations using only JMAG-RT models and circuits can be run with JMAG alone, system-level performance can be evaluated at a favorable efficiency.
This document describes the method for creating an integration study to run a control simulation in JMAG.

*The integration study requires a dedicated license. You can use the same number of licenses as the number of your pre-post processer contracts.
Please contact your JMAG distributor to request for licenses.
We will provide guidance on how to download and apply the license files.


Integration study, Integration model, Control simulation, System level, JMAG-RT, Graph, Response value

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