[JFT156] Creating Shapes Using NGnet Weight

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Attempts are made at topology optimization that can make substantial changes to the shape itself for optimized design within the electrical appliance design space. However, while topology optimization is capable of running analysis for tens of thousands of cases, saving results that include mesh and distribution quantities may overwhelm disk space.
One method of optimization is the on / off method using NGnet, where shapes are defined by the weight of the Gaussian functions positioned within design regions. With JMAG, it is possible to output the weight of Gaussian functions when running optimization, then restore shapes from that data. Even if the input files for each individual are deleted after calculations as so to secure free disk space, shapes can still be restored, and recalculations can be run for only the necessary cases.
This document describes how to restore only the necessary shapes from NGnet weight after running topology optimization using NGnet.


Topology optimization, Clustering, On / off method, NGnet, Gaussian function, Weight

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