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  1. Development of High-Power-Density Machines for Aircraft Applications

    Dheeraj Bobba, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  2. Application Studies of JMAG Topology Optimization in the Design of Wristwatch Motors

    Reiko Kimura, Seiko Instruments Inc.

  3. Integrated Framework for Design Synthesis and Optimization of IPM Machine for Off Highway Applications

    Shashikiran HK, John Deere India Pvt. Ltd.

  4. Analyzing Permanent Magnet Motors with Magnetic Field + Structural Coupling Using PSL (Power Simulation Licenses)

    Makoto Matsushita, Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation / Takashi Nakaoka, JSOL Corp.

  5. Application of Machine Learning and Enhanced 3D Modeling on HPC Systems for End-Winding AC Loss Model Identification

    David Philipp Morisco, Robert Bosch GmbH

  6. Optimum Design of Wireless Power Transfer Coils for EVs Calculated by JMAG

    Toshiyuki Fujita, Technova Inc.

  7. Investigating the Possibility of Improving Performance by Applying CFRP to Outer Rotor Housing

    Yoshiyuki Sakashita, PUES Corporation

  8. Analysis and Optimization of a High Speed Induction Motor in an EV Application using JMAG

    Milind Paradkar, AVL Software and Functions GmbH

  9. [JFT070] Creating Efficiency Maps Using JMAG-Designer (Accuracy Priority)

    This document describes methods for creating an efficiency map using a JMAG-Designer efficiency map study (accuracy priority).

  10. [JFT057] How to Run Topology Optimization

    This document describes how to run topology optimization using JMAG.

  11. [JFT045] Inheriting Settings when Updating CAD

    This document demonstrates how to inherit settings for CAD files when updating them using a script that assumes when to use optimization tools.

  12. [JFT065] Obtaining Part Face Area and How to Set Conditions

    In the parametric analysis of geometry and optimization calculations, there is a demand for parameters to be set accordance with part geometry. By using measurement variable in JM…

  13. [JFT058] Creating Efficiency Map Using JMAG-Designer(Speed Priority)

    This document describes how to create efficiency maps using a JMAG-Designer efficiency map study (prioritizing speed).

  14. [JFT063] A Method for Performing Parametric Analysis on a Motor Using the Number of Poles and Number of Slots as Design Variables

    In this document, how to perform parametric analysis on a motor with the number of poles and the number of slots as design variables is presented.

  15. [JFT002] Direct Modeling – Region Move and Solid Move

    This document contains sample data and operation procedures for learning how to use direct modeling.

  16. 246 – Analysis of Electromagnetic Force Acting Between a Coil and a Magnet

    In this example, a use case in which the N-T-I characteristics for a single-phase synchronous motor are obtained is presented.

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