[JFT160] How to Run Parametric Analysis With Changes Made to the Number of Model Slots and Poles for Motor Thermal Analysis Accounting for Cooling

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In motor concept design, a process of narrowing down occurs from a large number of design proposals by using parametric analysis with the number of poles and the number of slots as design variables. In addition, along with motor speedup and motors becoming smaller in scale, thermal issues cannot be ignored. In circumstances assuming a traction motor, evaluation that accounts for not just natural heat dissipation, but also cooling design such as water jackets and ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid), etc., is required. In JMAG, by using thermal equivalent circuits and accounting for cooling and thermal resistance between parts, searches can be performed for design proposals that meet design requirements by making changes to the number of poles and the number of slots parametrically.
This example describes how to run parametric analysis with changes made to the number of slots and the number of poles for a motor model that uses a thermal equivalent circuit.


Cooling, Water jacket, ATF, Convection, Motor, Thermal equivalent circuit, Contact thermal resistance, Equivalent temperature boundary, Coil and core contact, Coil end, Parametric

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